wedding anxieties....

tomorrow i have a wedding in the city. that's chicago for those who haven't heard me describe it that way in person!
it's outside.
right now, it's like 40 and raining. scratch that, downpouring. raining freaking cats and dogs. they {the weather peeps} are questioning snow/sleet. what?!
hope that there is a backup plan. so not looking forward to being a popsicle during the ceremony. would take me the whole reception to thaw.
also hoping for parking that's closer than 5 blocks away. ack!
should be an interesting affair. hopefully, lots of nice pictures and i'm sure plenty of crazy stories.
here's a shot of her/their shower gift.

not the best picture. i also got one for us too. have to take a picture of that soon. wait, maybe i did. just have to upload it, i think. shoot. darn brain farts!
here's a link to the website i purchased it from. they have since made some changes which i think is great. i printed off all of the letters and arranged them. now you have a feature where you can see it online. super nice.
oh and i saw the website ages ago on lindsay teague's website.
and i'm being a complete snot. told nick we can give less money since we haven't received a thank you from the shower and deduct the parking fees! you guys think that's fair, right? ;o)


Kache said...

I like your reasoninig :)
Definitely need a thank you.

That's a really cool gift, thanks for the link.

Monica said...

love that gift! very cool!

Laura Vigliarolo said...

Ok I don't send out thank you's very often actually Krystn's and Carmen's are still sitting here from my 40th b-day, I keep meaning to hand deliver, yeah I'm a bad person, so I guess that's right. Hopefully you don't freeze too much.

Lindsay Teague said...

I am so glad you got that from Adam and Stacy! Looks so good! I have one in my kitchen!


Brandy said...

duuuuuude that is so awesome!! i will be doing that for everyone, too bad cumberland is longer than anything! weddings usually leave me pissy period because some chick is always being bridezilla and you know that the countdown to divorce is about to begin. just a general feeling for me...

Brandy said...

fyi, they won't even do 10 letters. have to do cumby if i do it. life sucks sometimes.