so i've had it. ever get to the point when you're just done?
i totally feel that way. just worn out or something. little bits going on that are driving me crazy. really looking forward to hibernating this weekend. hope we get to be bums and nothing crazy pops up.
wedding was interesting. will try to upload pics soon and share some stories, edited of course.
oh and we watched mr. magorium this weekend. cute, sad. great movie. nick wants to own it. the colors were amazing.
k. off to walk the guinnea-meister finally out of this funk of crap weather that was this weekend.


Kache said...

Sorry that you're fed up. I'm experiencing some of that too. Hope the weather brightens up and you're able to relax ALL this coming weekend!

I hadn't heard many good reviews of that movie, but now I want to put it on my list!

Carmen said...

Hey, I hope the week improves and things are back to normal soon. I hate when life gets crazy and you want to throw in the towel.


Brandy said...

life totally gets like that, but it will pass. hang in there, lady!