ding dong.

our doorbell has run like 8 times today. probably a world record for us.
puppy loves trying to sneak out the door.
been busy. but good busy. back to pilates and yoga. which is awesome. loving lazy sundays for football watching and monday night football. but all that football is putting a dent in my reading/scrapping/shopping time!
have lots to do before our trip. can't believe it's here already. crazy! did purchase a new camera bag from tracy joy. kimberly with that funky, fun stripe! have been on a waiting list for at least a month. was super stoked to hear back from her and know that i'll have it in time for jamaica! yay.
can't believe we've already made new year's plans. going out for the first time ever. should be fun.
the boys: nick, his dad, and his uncle are outside working on our new deck. fingers crossed that all goes well.
went on a crazy spending spree. new flat screen for the bedroom, new laptop, new cellphones, the deck. egads. eagerly anticipating all those bills... not! i'm not really a techie person, but i'm digging all these new purchases.

pet update: kitties are adjusting to guinness. guinness is mellowing out. the trainer at puppy classes today even told us he was a smart dog. that he was doing extremely well for his age. nice to know that all of our training is paying off. kinda made us proud parents.
pictures soon.... hafta to hook the camera up to the computer and haven't had nick figure that out yet. so soon. definitely before we leave. =)


Kache said...

Looks like a really cute bag, lots of different fabrics to choose from. Glad to hear kitties and puppy are meshing. Awesome shopping spree you had!

Heather said...

super cool bag... might have to get me one of those!