i hate mosquitos. dispise them. i derive great joy out of killing those stupid suckers.
apparently, the monsoons that rolled through here a while back have created a mighty viscious crop. if you care, you can read an article from the local paper here... really not that exciting. but i think it proves i'm not really exaggerating this time. =)
so this nasty crop has nick and i arguing over who takes guinness outside at night. horrible parents. i usually win. bought some off that wasn't supposed to smell like off and it totally smells like butter. what the heck? heard a rumor that plain ole listerine works wonders. you don't spray it on you, but on inanimate objects around you....
might just have to go out and buy a fogger or a gazilion citronella candles.
does anyone know if they make mosquito suits? like those that bee keepers wear but for mosquitos... i might be interested.


Heather said...

we have misquitos the size of birds here. they suck the life out of you.

Anonymous said...

Buggers are bad here too, all day long and all night long!

Heard that bounce sheets work - just rub the sheet over exposed areas or put one in the back of you shirt. The area around us last night at the fb game smelled like bounce :)

Here's hoping for a freeze...soon to kill them nasty things!


Laura Vigliarolo said...

tell nick you'll do the night that there is a nice breeze, the little buggers can't fly in the breeze, so they aren't out.

Kache said...

mosquito suit, that's good.
you could sell those on QVC.