on this past weekend.
-football = happiness. so excited it's back. spent the weekend lounging, watching pup, and eating. good times. nick was helping his dad lay new wooden floors. fun for them!
-vmas. so didn't watch. loving overdrive on mtv. had to catch miss britney's stellar performance. {did you notice that was dripping with sarcasm?} LOVED chris brown's. so great. swoon. might be my second musical boyfriend... behind jt.
-scrappies. got some stuff done. whew. just have to work on my samples for the upcoming crop at byom. so for those of you who read this, and don't already frequent those boards... you totally should. =)
-good puppy. getting better. yay. a bit lessing biting which is awesome. and attacking the kitties less... so that's always a good thing.
-pictures. still waiting for my order. guess it takes a bit to print 550-ish pictures.


Kache said...

Glad puppy is doing so well, can't wait to see more pics.

Yes, Britney's performance makes me want to be a dancer.
No, wait.

Brandy said...

i would say that her performance makes me want to be an alcoholic too, but i feel bad for britney and her bad decision making skills so i will leave her alone. i will say sarah silverman will be mine if i leave jason for the ladies because she is hilarious. "britney's amazing...25 and she's accomplished already all she will in life." mean but hilarious. chris brown has mad skills, he actually reminds me more of usher's dance skills. very cool.

jt's in a category all his own. future baby daddy of brandy c. oh yes. i have tivo'd his hbo concert so i can fall asleep to his voice and gyrations