puppy classes.

started today. no training. just letting the puppies get to know one another. guinness is currently passed the heck out. which is brilliant. i need scrap time!
the class is small. three dogs including mr. g. a boxer named sophie who is afreakingdorable. and a bull terrier named maverick who loved humping the other two. they all did pretty well.
looking forward to next week where we can actually do some training!
the trainer was encouraging play friends for the dog. now nicholas wants another. grrrr. i knew it. i knew i would cave and then one wouldn't be enough. i'm trying to bribe him with a tv. we shall see!
oh and our pup was the biggest. and the youngest. sigh. hoping the boxer goes on some crazy growth spurt. our trainer said he has a boxer that is 135 pounds. egads.
k. really off to get some work done since baby is sleeping! ;o)


Kache said...

aww puppy school...hope they all pass!

Brandy said...

you do a better job socializing your fur baby than I do with my human one!