slowly but surely i'm getting better. ;o)
nothing like a long weekend of nothingness to refresh one's mind, body, and soul.
had stuff going on, but nothing crazy, overwhelming. totally off topic, but i have my word for next year... balance. this is is breathe. still hafta do that mini album... k. back to regularly scheduled topic.
crap day at work friday. good friday evening. sleep, sleep, and more sleep!
saturday morning was mr. guinness' first trip to the vet. went really well. 17-18 pounds depending on where he stood on the scale. went to my aunt and uncle's in the afternoon for a get together. really nice. however, no grandma. still in the hospital but on the mend. so yay. should be home tomorrow.
sunday was dinner and game night with jay and chris. they even got a sitter for baby brady. guinness was well behaved, so that was enjoyable.
today. scrapped a bit. not nearly as much as i would have liked. but getting there. been out of the swing of things for a bit too long.
was able to order a boatload of pictures from scrapbook pictures. so looking forward to that mail day!
planned out deck issues with nick's dad and his girlfriend. her rule is that jerry can't help us with the deck until she gets her hardwood floors. so starting this week, we'll be heading over there to help them. then when that's finished it is deck time.
i'm really thinking we might be here for a while. kinda relaxing to not worry about building. taking it day by day... who knows, nick might go and change his mind again about babies!
well, seriously. nick just weighed guinness. heffer weighs 20 pounds. that's 3 pounds since saturday. dear lord. christy guessed he'll weigh about 60-75 pounds. hope that's all... any guesses?
oh and on the subject of puppy. he almost killed himself today. bad times.
nick was outside and guinness was exploring the study. somehow he managed to knock one of nick's speakers off of the desk and somehow had the speaker and the cord wrapped around his neck. the yelping/crying/screaming was too much. i couldn't get him to calm down... totally sucked. just sat there thinking 'how am i going to tell nick that his dog died?' horrible. managed to untangle him... bruised the heck out of my hand in the process. worth it, if pups okay.
totally dug the long weekend. not necessarily looking forward to work... keeping fingers crossed it's gonna be a good week!

and some crazy puppy pics for you... cuz, i'm a proud momma. and don't tell the cats, that they don't get any screen time... shhhh....

after the vet... pup was thirsty. had a bottle of water in the car... this is what we got!

enjoying a carrot for the first time. he's now also had string beans, celery, and cauliflower. so not getting cauliflower again... didn't agree with poor little man.

passed out on his dad's lap a few days ago. can't believe he might be so big that he is unable to do this at a later date. our baby is growing up! ha.


Heather said...

making me want another babe in the house- dog/cat/child, doesn't really matter... :)

Lisa said...

Awww love the puppy pics. Glad to hear grandma is on the mend and that you had a good weekend. Here's to a great week :)

Kache said...

I hope your week started out well today! I'm glad your grandma is doing better. Can't wait to see what you do with the deck.

Those pictures are too cute. Love the carrot one. You can share kitty ones too :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend and that grandma is feeling better.

And cute Guiness pictures!


Brandy said...

heather is really sick. that is sad about the dog getting tangled up, that would have been super sucky.

we need a guiness weight pool, the date he hits 50 lb?