i know unless i'm true to myself,
i couldn't be happy.
too much emphasis is placed today
on externals and too

little on character.

betty white
a new fun quote. it's been a while.
saw this in my inbox and it really made me think. so true. so want to be able to say i lived a life that i was happy with. that i didn't compromise myself. granted, i know there is a give and take at certain times. but in the end, i want to say that i wasn't afraid to stand up for me.

and side note. just realized that nick and i are going on this vacation alone. well, i knew that. but it's our first vacation together. by ourselves. no friends. no family. just us. turned to him as we were driving last night and said, 'what if i find out that i don't like you.' ha. aren't i funny? truly, cannot wait. getting more excited by the day!


Kache said...

wouldn't that suck if you found that out while on vacation? man, imagine returning to every day life with that knowledge.


psucolleen said...

LOL! I guess Nick will know what you discover if you book the next vacation with about 12 other friends & family!

You're too funny.

Brandy said...

everyone loves betty white!