sunday gibberish.

so just some randomness...

-went shopping yesterday. tried on a super cute shirt. got stuck in it. seriously, couldn't get it off. the dressing room was full. i was dying! so afraid i would rip it and everyone would know it was me. too embarrassed to go outside and ask someone to help me. wishing everyone would leave and i could sneak to nicholas.
the darn thing was stuck on my arms! couldn't lift it up off my bulging biceps. finally got it off by pulling the neck over my head, but then it was stuck behind me.
goodness, it was terrible. i finally went out to show nick the next outfit and he was like, dude?! i confessed that i was stuck in my shirt in a whisper. showed him the sexy red marks on my bulging biceps to prove it! he told me the shirt was too cute not to get, the lady next to him even said so too. he promised to help me out of it. must remember to not argue with him that day or i'm doomed.
-have a gd fly swarming around here. annoying the heck out of me.
-today was the chicago marathon. nick was unable to run. he's totally bummed. jason did run. haven't heard from him, but hoping things went well. nick's thinking about retraining again next year.
-the deck is coming along nicely. have a scrapbook page in my head already about the progress they made in one day.... 'what a difference a day makes.' still have to take the after pictures. maybe tomorrow morning since it's dark now.
-excited for pumpkin decorating at work wednesday. we try to have spirit days {need a better term but it works} and since our doc flew to syria for ramadan, this was our chance. have a few different ideas in my mind. gonna stop at j's for some odds and ends. the only rule is that we can't carve them. which makes sense, since we are going to display them around the office for the next few weeks. fun!
-puppy is growing up. lost three teeth. think they all came out yesterday. poor guy. wanna picture so bad, but he's not very cooperative. lil bugger has learned to jump. the couch, the bed. just not into the car yet which is curious since the car is way lower than those other objects.
-had a dream that we forgot our passports for the trip. egads. that would suck.
-had a dream that i gave guinness puppy ambesol for his teeth. do they even make that?
-found out grandma is going in for a capsule endoscopy tomorrow. she has a blockage. if the capsule gets stuck, it's emergency surgery. hoping everything will be okay. fingers crossed that i don't get a phone call while i'm at work.
-been suzy homemaker as of late. nick told me he's going to build more often, so i cook more! made homemade mac n cheese, pulled pork tacos, reuben bake, cherry cream cheese coffee cake, beer brisquet. totally inspiring me to organize my recipes. i tend to collect. gonna start cataloging on index cards in an altered bg lunchbox... just the recipes we have tried and liked. will have a different area for 'to try' recipes. hoping this works for us.
-k. off to feed the boys... and hopefully watch the bears win. sigh. just not good times for chicago sports!


Anonymous said...

Don't think I've ever gotten stuck that bad in a shirt, been stuck but not like that LOL!

Watching the Packer/Bear game on commercials from Brothers and Sisters


psucolleen said...

OMG! I'm ROFLMAO at the description of getting stuck in a shirt. That's happened to me before and it's sheer horror & terror all wrapped up in one. What a riot.

Hope you get some good news about Grandma soon. Will be thinking of her.

Kache said...

Pretty much just described my nightmare. I've been stuck in a shirt before and it was terrible. In fact with my clautserphobic tendencies, I'm pretty sure I did rip it to get it off!

Hope Jason is alright after the marathon, I heard about the heat.

Good thoughts for your grandma too!

Breana said...

the shirt incident has happened to me before too awful!

love your idea for the recipe cards for ones tried and true and then ones to try. great idea.

Brandy said...

i got stuck in a shirt the other day and then the next day i was in a dressing room with sabrina and she got stuck in the same shirt. what are these designers thinking?!

come cook at my house,k?

Heather said...

roflmao I was rollin' over the shirt!