these next few days are gonna be nuts.
lots and lots going on. kinda overwhelming. maybe the timing couldn't be better? that this vacation is going to help us slow down a bit. who knows.
got my camera bag from tracy joy. posted about it a bit ago. holy heck, it's so much cuter in person! soft and fluffy. and so bright and pretty. love the stripes and the brown. it's a bit big. but it might just work as my carry on so i'm cool with that. loving the inner pockets. my girlfriend saw it at work and said she wanted one. so doesn't even take pictures. hilarious. had told her i was looking at diaper bags because i heard they were a good substitute. told me this was way cuter than any diaper bag i would have found. then i told her that she also made diaper bags {she's thinking about numero dos} saw a sparkle in her eye. just might have to be her gift next time around.
talked to the friend in the marathon. said it was crazy. he is okay. had to stop after about 16 miles. hoping he can try again next year. maybe nick can join him then.
lots of packing. lots. have most of the stuff i need, still on a hunt for some cute brown shoes. we shall see.
first pedicure this weekend. kinda excited. hoping my feet won't be crazy ticklish. that could be dangerous!
bad people... ditched pilates and yoga. guess we just need some down time. nick especially. he's been working nonstop on the deck. they even made some comment at one class we attended, something about if you sign up, please come. blah, blah, blah. i'm sorry. but if i'm paying you regardless if i go or not, why do you care? i know. i know. waste of money. but some days i just have no go after work. ya know?

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Brandy said...

I got on her waiting list! Thanks for the intro!! I agree on the yoga, go tell them to bugger off