that's twice today i've used that word. okay, so both were online. one via pm and one here. but still. gonna try to start using never you mind too.
so i finished harry. way good. way different than what i thought. but still, a good read. gonna reread it for all those lost details i tend to skim over first time around.
have a funny nicholas story. ;o)
went to the grocery store for me on friday. the boy was wearing crazy orange scrubs. very pertinent. so he walks up to the produce section and proceeds to nab me some cherries, and the lady next to him drops her fruit and slowly walks backward. he notices strange looks and people scurrying away from him. apparently, they thought he was a convict! granted he was missing the lettering across his chest, but as soon as he told me the story i could totally understand! and seriously people, do you think a criminal's first stop is going to be the cherry stand in the produce section of their nearest grocery store?!
trying to upload pics to flickr. been quite some time.
any tricks or tips rebel owners... do you resize your pics before uploading or do you let flickr do that for ya?
if you are interested, keep an eye out in the my picture section. should be boatloads of pictures appearing within the next week.
think this might be a week to regroup before more craziness.
lots to do, hoping to dent the heck out of my to do list!


psucolleen said...

blimey. love that word!!!

I'm ROFL at the convict story. He so looks the part. :o\ He must have done hard time for stalking fruit stands. Too funny. Hey - at least you have a quick halloween costume on hand now!

Kache said...

I hope he at least got to the front of the line with the convict story.

I don't have any tricks for rebel, but I don't upload most of my pics to a hosting site either. Trying to think, I do resize them smaller when I'm going to post somewhere, but otherwise I keep them the same size. Not much help.


Carrie said...

Will have to remind DH not to order orange scrubs next time he orders!

Brandy said...

me likes blimey - me likes is my phrase i've decided to put everywhere too. love the orange scrubs.

as for flickr, i just load and leave. i don't do a thing to them, i figure that's their job

Heather said...

rofl @ the orange scrubs!

I'm with Brandy- load and leave. Although I choose between small, medium and large sizes to let Flickr load them as, depending on what pictures they are (if I think a lot of people are going to be printing them, I choose large; just people looking, small) just because it goes so much faster with loading them as small.