made it though one of the craziest work weeks ever. it actually went surprisingly well. but i think that is part of the joy of being a pessimist. when you expect the worst, you tend to be pleasantly surprised and not let down if you are optomistic.
had a way fun fourth and busy weekend. so excited for this weekend. hoping to head to michigan with nick's dad, his girlfriend, and their daughter. they have a place on a lake. place = trailer. but still. gonna go tubing maybe jet skiing. eat. drink. and be merry. can't wait.
and tomorrow night is harry potter. midnight tickets at the imax showing with nick's mom. so taking a nap when i get home! ;o)
and totally enjoying the rebel. my fil used to be way into photography too. so he's diggin the camera. asked him to take a pic of nick and myself... i think he might have the rebel bug. will have to teach me some mad photo skills this weekend. even suggested that tamron lens, colleen! nick was like okay... i just have to get up the nerve to spend the money!
here's a pic of me and my man. courtesy of fil. edited with some new actions... i think i did color wash. can't remember. yeah, i suck!
oh and in other good news... we now both have passports! yippee. took only two weeks with the expediated process. i got mine on saturday and nick got his today. so exciting. we can now officially travel to jamaica in october! woot, woot!

and time for some random pics... just cuz i've been sucking on the twelfth on the twelfth... ;o)
this batch will be from the tequilla tasting. yum and fun! can't wait for the next one!!

me and my not so littler brother kevin...

nick's mom, myself, and nick. ignore the cut off head. my coworker was apparently really enjoying the tequilla.

my mom and dad... again ignore the cut off head. i told you she liked the tequilla!

all of us. and fyi. nick's mom doesn't normally have blue lips. not sure how that happend. the other people are nick's two nurses and their husbands.

self explanatory. me and nicholas.

random fourth pics... well, from all the festivities.
nick's dad, his girlfriend, and her daughter. should totally be married would make explaining that much easier!

brianna being my model. that girl will do anything to have her picture taken.

one that kevin's friend took of me on the fourth. like the funkiness of it... didn't know he was taking it. love those.

one from the weekend. tried to upload more but i think blogger hates me with all these pics. tried rotating it in photoshop... not sure i liked the shadows. might have to take a right side up one next time i'm there. til then... you get my favorite pic of the summer so far! ;o)


Carrie said...

Great pictures! Glad your hell week wasn't as bad you thought it would be :)

LOVE the last picture!

Kache said...

I like that picture of you & Nick, very nice! And the ones of Brianna are cool. Smiley face...always good.

And did somebody say Michigan???
There's water around where I live. Ok it may be a puddle in my backyard, but still. :)

Brandy said...

that last pic needs to be a screensaver. it gives me hope for a nice relaxing summer even though it seems to be anything but. you guys are always too cute too, though i will have to call you a nerd for the mignight imax. i already called krystn one, so in the interest of fairness...nerd.

Scrap_N_Angel said...

Love the pics. Looks like you're having a great summer. Pass the Tequila this way please.

TracyDacy said...

Great pics Shan, especially the ones of you and Nick - you two look great.

Breana said...

love that picture of you and nick. looks like you had fun at the tasting!