tag again?!

i feel like a little kid with all this tagging go around! ;o)

here it goes. and same rules apply... if you haven't played, please do so! i love reading about everyone!

What were you doing ten years ago?
had just graduated from high school. was way nervous about college. enjoying being a kid. well, maybe i didn't realize i was enjoying it at the time. but looking back, sigh, would love to have some of those carefree days back. not that i don't like my life, but you know, no responsibilities kinda thing... ack, i'm rambling. next question.

Five snacks you enjoy:
-potato chips {i don't discriminate. well, no salt and vinegar please...}
-smores made with heath bars. YUMMY!
-chips and salsa

-fritos or tortialla chips with melted cheese
-pickles or olives
-{can you tell i love salt smores excluded.}

Five songs you know all the lyrics to:
-sir mix a lot - baby got back.
-nsync/justin timberlake/jc chasez - pretty much every song.
-vanilla ice - ice, ice baby. {can do the dance too... well, i could!}
-tori amos - anything from little earthquakes.
-dj sammy - heaven
l-ots more... i'm a music dork!

Things you would do if you were a millionaire:
hmmm. pay off bills. buy a new home just the one we are planning on building, nothing crazy! help our families financially. save for the future. donate to charities {help our friend get his youth center started}. travel everywhere! learn to cook properly. have a crazy, huge cd collection. probably a dvd one too for nicholas. well, after listing all of these things i would have to be a bajillionaire....

Five bad habits:
-i bite my nails.
-pick split ends {this has decreased dramatically since i've left school!}
-mindless internet surfing when i should be doing something productive. might call this laziness.
-i procrastinate.

Five things you like to do:
-spend time with friends and family, nicholas is included too!
-learn {anything!}
-play puzzle or card games.

Things you will never wear again:
-pinch rolled jeans.
-two different colored socks. layered...
-a bottle of hairspray in my hair trying to get the proper 'wave'.
-a cap and gown. as much as i like to think about going back to school... don't think it'll happen.
-scrunchies. blech.

Things I love to wear:
-flip flops.
- tank tops. {the last two show my love of all things NOT winter. ;o)
-lotion or body spray. silky soft and smells good too!
-anything informal and comfortable.


Breana said...

how could i forgot baby got back! and the different colored socks, doubled! Don't you just love our era! 80s ROCK!!!

Kache said...

Love Little Earthquakes

S'mores with Heath bars?? Does the Heath melt? Yum, I'm so excited.

Sorry got distracted.
You could wear the layered socks with the flip flops.

Heather said...

I don't think I know the words to any songs all the way through that aren't in any children's books...

Brandy said...

I found my VHS of all the Tori Little Earthquake videos last night when I was cleaning out, couldn't get rid of it. Too bad her stuff got progressively scarier past Under the Pink. Smores with heath bars - yum!

I should have included Sir Mix a lot and JT too, because you know I know all that. You, me and Bre, all seem to be class of 97. You going to your reunion? I am fighting mine with all my might...