hell week.

starts tomorrow. :o(
lots of staff on vacation. the last week before my doctor leaves for almost a month. and the fourth. so we are one day short in an already insane week. sigh.
at least i have a break halfway through it, right?

looking forward to taking pics of the fireworks with my new camera. even got a cheat sheet for how to shoot fireworks as a freebie with the big picture class. might have to sit outside tomorrow too and see if i can nab any. heading to nick's aunt and uncle's for free viewing the 3rd. should be a nice night tuesday. just hoping it doesn't rain.

got some sun today. yay! burnt a bit. boo! i guess my suntan lotion needed reapplying... will i ever learn?

so in honor of hell week. i thought i should post some patient funnies. well, they are funny to me and some of my coworkers...
-the crazy little german man with the short shorts on and some dead sexy knee high socks with the two little stripes on top pulled up to his knees thinking he is the shit.
-the sometimes minister {he wears the collar whenever he pleases, i think} who wears a ghetto gangsta letterman's jacket in the winter. now that it's summer. he's sporting the i <3>


Carrie said...

Thanks for my morning chuckle, love the 'sex slave' as the emergency contact. And I'd be all over the man with the short shorts and knee hi socks LOL!!

Hope your weeke isn't as hellish you anticipate it being.

Lisa said...

Oh those are great!! Thanks for the laugh.

Kache said...

Your job sounds much more fun than mine!
Have fun with the fireworks, I don't think I'll be seeing any to take pictures of, so I'm counting on yours.

Brandy said...

That's almost as much fun as people writing in "for last night" or "for sex" in the memo section of the check at the bank. Hardy Har Har.

Fingernails floating in the dishwater. I think I could throw up.

Susan said...

geez, can't even get out of doing the dishes when you're on chemo, poor guy!~