too excited to sleep.

are you thinking of that disney commercial yet? such a cute little guy!
anywho. no, i'm not too excited to sleep. but yes, i'm excited. a wee bit nervous. for all of you who are beyond confused, i'm talking about mr. pott-ah. for us americans, it's harry potter. i do love those accents! ;o)
and brandy, i'm entering dorkdom again and going to the midnight release. i will not be dressing up tho. can't wait to see everyone. not just because i think it's cute. because i might laugh and point at some of them too!
i'm even prepared for a night of reading. bought an energy drink at the gas station after yoga. the name made me giggle. if i hadn't of noticed that, i probably wouldn't have bought it. see for yourself...
had some redbull sugarfree for the black friday midnight shopping spree and it was awesome. hoping this will do the same!
and am trying to show the utmost restraint and not click on any harry potter links. not sure i want to know the ending before reading the book. so would have been upset had i known who died in the sixth book before i read it... see, i'm nice. no spoilers.
anywho. have to get a good night's sleep... will have lots of reading ahead!


Carrie said...

picking our copy up at midnight too, although brandon will nab it and read first. I too am avoiding all HP links, don't want to know ANYTHING about the book!

happy reading!!

ha ha at the name of your energy drink

Kache said...

You've got bawls man...

CAN'T WAIT! I'm trying to finish re-reading the 6th one today, cause I have no memory!

I won't get mine until it's delivered tomorrow, but then I'm reading for the weekend.

Have fun!

psucolleen said...

have a blast! From my strange California/Pennsylvania watch settings, you should be nearly 4 hours into the book by now! Hope it's everything you expected and more!!!!

Breana said...

so are you still reading? hope you're enjoying it. that name is too much. have to show that to reed.

Brandy said...

dorkdom, population - 3. you, krystn and my husband. jason is already finished with the book, he was a man obsessed. secretly, if i cared about hp at all i would have totally been there. or if dylan did. i think it is sorta cute and was prolly a blast!