life has been a bit busy. i mean good busy but still busy. trying to reorganize. regroup. reprioritize.
had a scrapping whirlwind not too long ago and am trying to dig out from that too. i still haven't cracked open the cricut box that came in the mail weeks ago.
wanting to do so much but trying not to become overwhelmed with everything.
kinda silly since it isn't mandatory... but you know. gotta figure out the have to do's, should do's, want to do's and all the other ones in between.
might need a schedule or something. just seems like yoga and pilates are taking up quite some time and it's only two nights a week for an hour-ish. but at strange times. so when we used to be able to meet for dinner, not so much now. but i know that we like it and we need it. i truthfully feel so much better after both classes. just have to shuffle things about.
maybe i need summer to end. it always seems so dang busy. like since the sun doesn't appear for 6 months after that, we have to fit everything in then. okay, not really. but still. i sometimes exaggerate. i might need to put that as a disclaimer somewhere in this blog. or just put an * after embellished thoughts!
in all the craziness have been neglectful of others. want to make sure that no one or nothing gets lost in the piles of life... ourselves included.
crazy, mindless, shannon babble. it's what i do! ;o)


Brandy said...

embellished thoughts, i like it!

Kache said...

I love reorganizing. If I do it enough times, I don't actually have to accomplish anything. Good luck!

Susan said...

there never does seem to be enough hours in the day during the summer even if there are actually more, weird