so glad the weekend is over. felt like last week was a whirlwind. so not fans of those kind of weeks.
looking forward to the new one!
grandma is out of the hospital and feeling way better. sounds better too! poor thing had walking pneumonia. she was totally itching to go home... but waited it out saturday night for her lobster dinner. she cracks me up.
nick and i are official uncle and aunt... his sister had a baby boy thursday. noah. everyone is back home... now to figure out when to visit. forgot the gift on the way to the hospital. nick's dad was going to take it friday after letting guinness out but forgot. today they were heading over there and offered to deliver it. we would have joined them but we had my brother's 23rd birthday party.
took puppy over after we were there a few hours. kinda nice living so close. would have taken him for more and left him out in the yard but it was pouring. so guinness got to meet the family. he did really well. yay. calling to sign him up for puppy training tomorrow. fingers crossed the class isn't full. silly dog knows how to sit but doesn't know his name. ;oP
friday night was fun with friends. love game nights with them. their baby is growing leaps and bounds. looks so big!
was able to get quite a few projects done. trying to figure out a routine between nick and myself and this constantly needing attention dog!
he told me he needs some me time. no kidding. then admitted that he wasn't sure he was ready for kids. phew. glad he's realizing it's a lot of work. i just think since we had this baby spurt over the past year it really hit him.
my thoughts. when it's time, it's time. no worries. totally trying to relax more. go with the flow. remembering to breathe.

hmmm. what else.
-thinking about christmas. gasp. i know. trying to work out projects in my head.
-cut my new purple onion stamps. now to find time to attack them with aleene's.
-finally scheduled for a haircut this week.
-decided we are changing from hard yoga to lazy yoga on thursday nights. had some changes to their locations. mixed up our schedule. looking forward to the change.
-loving my rebel and that stellar new lens. hate taking pictures with my little camera. ;o)
-looking forward to a bourne-a-thon with my father in law and his girlfriend. fingers crossed for this weekend.
-getting excited for our vacation...
-anxious about building our deck.
-okay with not knowing what the future has in store for us. realizing we might stay here since nick's isn't so baby crazy. knowing we don't need more room. that we are okay. we can adjust. loving that our friends and family are SO close.
-enjoying the time we have been able to spend with our loved ones this summer.
-adding to my croc obsession. got me a pair of scootes. woot, woot! i believe my total is now 5...
-needing to buy a rug for in front of our sliding glass door, now that we are constantly in and out with guinness.
-relieved that our kitties are doing alright with their new baby brother. ;o)
-not looking forward to school starting. pass a high school on the way to work... major congestion. will so add a few minutes to my commute!

k. think that's more than enough. time for zzz's.


Kache said...

Um, that's a lot going on in that post!

Glad Guinness is doing well and getting along with the kitties. Congrats on becoming an aunt! woohoo!

Not I'm worried that I haven't started my Christmas cards yet :)

TracyDacy said...

Glad I checked in on you. You've got so much going on - and a new puppy to boot! Sounds like he's working out well. You're not the only one starting to think about Christmas. Glad your grandma is better and congrats on the new baby nephew.

Brandy said...

please don't ever mention christmas again. it is too much to think about