monsoon season?

our weather has been crazy. severe rains for several days in a row. tornado warnings the whole shebang! nuts. and i have been so exhausted that i have managed to sleep through every single one of them. always been a sound sleeper! ha.
so today, we have a crazy downpour right as i'm leaving work. have a mini umbrella in my purse for emergencies... had to whip that bad boy out. still was quite wet by the time i made it to the car. but then thought about how grateful i was to be wearing scrubs. these suckers dry quickly! love it. so then i started thinking about all the reasons i love wearing scrubs:
-as previously mentioned, they dry quickly.
-drawstring pants.
-low maintenance. shaves a good few minutes off my morning routine. i hate picking out clothes.
and to be fair some drawbacks:
-they are oh so flattering.
-drawstring pants. you don't realize that you have gained weight throughout the week until you try to cram your ass into your regular people clothes. ;o)
-wrinkly buggers. i hate ironing.
-see through ones. grrr.

k. puppy updates. he's doing well. sleeping about 6 hours at night. woohoo. thinking nick and i have a morning schedule all set. our friends are coming over and letting him out during the day. i will be so happy when that is over. i feel like we are totally an inconvience although they are home and said it was no problem.
he is getting huge! up to 16 pounds. that's double in 2 weeks. he can now go up and down the stairs. knows sit. working on his name. have to thank an online buddy for all her help with this little man. suggesting some great books and has given us really helpful hints. so thank you!!

some pictures of the big headed dog... seriously you can't tell in these pics... but it is truly quite large! ;o)

check out his peepers. such sad little ones.

passed out in our bathroom. he loves the tiles. had to put a fan in front of his cage, he was so darn hot all the time!

with his momma. being a good boy before bed. and can i just say, i adore the little strip of white down his nose. so cute!

off i go. i think the monsoons are back...


Heather said...

rofl @ the drawstring... and the puppy pics are SO adorable!

hera said...

aww love that last pic of you both. Adorable...oh and you too :-)

Kache said...

AWWWW I want that puppy!

I think I may start wearing scrubs for the drawstring aspect. Do you think anyone would notice?

Anonymous said...

He's soooo cute!

DH lives in his scrubs, leaves them on when he gets home, doesn't change into people clothes unless he has too.


Laura Vigliarolo said...

Rascal love the cool tile too.

Brandy said...

he is adorable and i hate putting my ass into anything other than pj bottoms. we are kindred spirits