to those chicago cha-ers...

i finally used my gift card. sad, i know. but with the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing called construction we've been staying far, far away. that's a lot of damn commas in that sentence. and i probably didn't use half of em correctly! makes my momma proud, i'm sure!
nick and i went to see a play yesterday. our date night. try to see at least one play a year, this was it... putnam county spelling bee. sooo funny. glad we were able to see it before it left the city. if you have a chance to see it, i would recommend it. we laughed our behinds off!
again, anywho.
i convinced him to swing by windy city scrapbooking before hand. made us miss a dinner out, but hey. what's a girl to do? we did nab a snack before the play and got california pizza kitchen for the road home... ate it in the car. romantic date night, i know!
so i was going to behave and only use the gift card amount but that's almost impossible. especially when they had hambly, new heidi swapp {lots of new hs}, ki mini soup, new basic grey, new ki stamps, american craft flowers, and some sassafras lass i've been eyeing for some time!
totally dented the budget. and nick didn't help. "look this is cute." "i'm supposed to look for papers that say hambly... is this what you wanted?" "don't pick one. get both." i'm mean how sexy is that?! ;o) he's a sweetie pie. and so cute standing there holding the basket trying to look bored but he's secretly feeling the paper {because "it's bumpy and shiny and cool feeling"}and scanning the racks for items he knows and proudly pointing them out to me!
here's two pics. not the greatest... cut off some of the items but thought i should share what you girls helped me purchase. THANK YOU! i had a blast and we do it all over again in a heartbeat!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great date night : ) Fantastic choices - great to see what you picked - worth missing dinner for - and kudos to nick !!


Anonymous said...

Look at all the fun stuff you got!! I'd miss dinner too :)


Anonymous said...

You got a ton of fun stuff! Glad you were able to use it. Nick is a keeper!


Susan said...

Cool loot! I'm giggling to myself picturing Nick at the store!

Kache said...

Too funny about Nick!

I see a giant clock, I want a giant clock! Not sure what I would use it for but I think I need it :-D
Great stuff!

Lisa said...

Wowsa, check out all that stuff! So fun.

Stacey said...

I'm jealous...looks like fun!