is it spelled like the electricity stuff? you know what i'm saying. when you sit around and chant. ohm. seriously. no clue what my deal is. totally enjoyed yoga tonight. kinda freaked by how much i'm enjoying it. might have to cave in and buy my own mat! and who knew your heart could race by just contorting yourself and trying to stand still all while taking slow, regular breaths. kidding. but shit, it can be a work out! honestly, really glad we're participating.
lots to do by the end of the week. not sure i'll get it done. asked last minute to do a project for a party. totally procrastinating. not sure if i will. don't want to totally be the yes woman who gets taken advantage of. can give it to the person at a later date... hopefully, i won't back down. or if i do back down. which i probably will. i won't kill myself in trying to do it. just an altered frame... but still.
updated my gallery. it's over there -----> somewhere. lots of stuff from the latest rsc issue. really kinda like the pace of it there. two months. so nice. can still get a ton done and not seem completely overwhelmed!
and two posts in two days. something is wrong with me... nah, just thinking i might not be back in slacker land this weekend! ;o)


Kache said...

Look at all the pages! They looked great in the copy of rsc that I got :)


Susan said...

ohm! seriously, never did the OHM thing but did totally work up a sweat re-configuring myself into dozens of pretzel positions!