woke up to snow on the ground. snow. i mean, it was only 70 degrees the day before. sigh.
in happy news. i'm in love. coke zero. regular and cherry. had only tried the cherry and was quite pleased. my crazy self accidently bought the regular when i went shopping. was quite scared that i would be disappointed. wasn't. it's heaven! i so do not do the diet pop thing. not sure why, just has a funny taste to it. this stuff... just like the real thing. so exciting because i love my coca-cola. totally take a coke over pepsi any day! and i hear it mixes wonderfully with rum. yum. gonna have to give that a whirl this weekend. all about low cal alternatives now that i'm trying to be healthier. yeah, i'm trying. AGAIN!
i blame yoga. however, our instructor got all serious on me yesterday. not sure if i'm ready for that extreme. but i still like it! and we really don't say ohm. i just feel like we should. and susan, thanks for spelling namaste. nick can't get over such a small word that has sooo much meaning!
we went out and bought our own starter kits. so now we have mats, straps, and blocks. and a dvd if we are interested. are going to try to add it to our schedule. maybe saturday afternoons. after cartoons. kidding. no cartoons. don't get up that early! ;oP
want to dig up the yoga book my mom bought me ages ago. maybe it will help jog our memory when we try to do our 'homework' this weekend. the instructor did give us a cheat sheet... i might need the drawings to figure it all out tho!
oh and one more thing... i'm really not a girly girl. but the girlier flips come out after the snow and mud and rain go away. so you'll have to live with this pair of black ones for now. they are way more functional: black = no nasty mud ruining them. wedge = protect you from the giant puddles in parking lots! ;0)
totally need to take a picture of all my flips. i even have two of the same pair. did that on purpose. happened on the cruise from hell. hoped we would get reimbursed and they were the only ones i liked on the island!


Kache said...

I tried Coke zero once, I'll have to try it again. I actually liked Coke C2 but I think I was the only one. Love Coke.

Good luck with the yoga stuff.
Dare ya to say ohm in class :)

Lisa said...

I'm a pepsi girl myself, but I'll do coke and rum! Love the functional flips, at this point flips are flips right! ;)

Heather said...

not a DIET COKE lover?!?!? You're so banned from Heather & Bran get togethers....KIDDING. So ready for you come!!
Girly flips- yay! Glad to know... although Bran was making fun of my polka dot ones today... they rock!

dude. really.... rlcwkjsr?? A little extreme for word verification, huh?

Laura Vigliarolo said...

Pepsi over Coke any day and nothing diet or even pretending to be diet. And I double dog dare you to say ohm in class.