hmmm. been up to a bunch a nothing. lounged around this past weekend. had the crop at knk but i was drained. no clue why. so i was a complete lazy bum. only did one page! and some how got sucked into a marathon on mtv of america's next top model. what is that about?!
finally able to meet up with nick's mom on tuesday for my birthday. way late. but better late than never. went to tgi fridays. wanted to try their new green beans. um. hello. so yummy. i could have ate another plate! the wasabi dipping sauce so good! while at dinner, nick's mom started talking about her yoga class. i mentioned that i have always wanted to try it. next thing you know, nick and i are at yoga class yesterday!
not what i thought it would be. but not at a studio or anything. the lady was really nice and quite helpful. i'm so not flexible and thought i would look like a total fool. it truly wasn't that bad. nick liked it too, so we are now signed up for a six week session!
kinda think the timing was right or it was meant to be somehow. could be me way overanalyzing because i totally do that. but she talked A LOT about breathing or prana to the yoga peeps. breathing is so my word for the year. kinda needed that reinforcement right about now.
oh and to all the posters... thanks! makes me smile when i get a reply in my inbox! really appreciate you delurking! ;o) and to the rest of ya... ;oP


Heather said...

yoga rocks. so does pilates. pilates is like yoga mixed with a slow death. not a good time to talk about it, since I'm still so sore I can't breathe without hurting.

Kache said...

Ahhh yoga.

Looks really relaxing, never done it though.
Glad you both liked it!

(And you're up one page on me from the crop)

Rita said...

Can't do yoga...but pilates...love it. And you're one page up on me too.

Susan said...

Love yoga! haven't done it in a while, but I really should because it makes me feel better!

Lisa said...

Well this lazy bum doesn't know anything about yoga OR pilates, but how good do those green beans look! LOL ;)

Diana said...

Ok I will post a comment now that I feel guilty for lurking. I wasn't sure if you'd remember me from KNK or not. I'm really wanting to join back but now is not a good time.
I'm so with you on the not being flexible - don't think I could do the yoga thing.
Anyway, I really enjoy reading your blog - you are so funny as so creative.