where in the world did the time go?
honestly, i'm not even sure i can tell you what we did! okay, maybe i do know. lots of soccer. lots of movies. family time. = bad bloggin shannon.
k. soccer. nick finally finished one of his indoor leagues. tournament night last thursday. was totally tricked into watching three hours of soccer. but hey, that gets me good wifey points! and then i ditched sunday's game. i had totally put in my hours!
movies: blades of glory. hil-freakin-larious! nick and i don't venture out to the movies often, but definitely had to make the trip for this one.
and then we've been netflix fools: the descent, shark tale, happy feet, jet li's fearless, the devil wears prada, the departed, nanny mcphee. seriously, LOVE netflix. we get in spurts. no movies and then all of a sudden, that's all we want to do. so apparently we were making up for lost time!
also moved our friends in. kinda nice having them close by. haven't really gotten the chance to hang out tho. darn grown up lives. but it's still fun to think that we can walk through our yards to visit! will be sad when we move . but that looks to be pushed back a bit. no worries. must be meant to be. i'm a firm believer in things happening for a reason. so we shall wait. and save. and take our time. really don't want to rush ourselves or anyone else for that matter.
found out that we're gonna have a nephew. nick's sister is due late august.
our friends are due in june. that's gonna be a surprise baby! can't wait!
what else... work. scrapping. {well, not much since my rsc deadline. that was exhausting!} chilling.
hoping to get some easter eggs decorated tomorrow. so fun. that's after my haircut. thinking of doing something new. might be time. will have to talk with my lady!
um, i think and hope that's it. have some easter funnies to share later. made me giggle. oh and have you kids seen this? quite funny. nick agreed. so glad he had some hobbies on there too! ;o)


Kache said...

Could you squeeze in a few more movies? I feel as though you're slacking.

Congrats on the soon to be nephew!
That list is very funny and very true.

Lisa said...

Yay on new babies!

You guys sound like me when it comes to Netflix. Sometimes I'm sure they start to wonder if they'll ever get their movies back from me. Good thing they're one of our clients and they wouldn't dare piss off the auditor ;) LOL

Heather said...

whoa. movies on crack.

funny funny... sadly funny.... :P

Happy Easter!

Heather said...