technical difficulties.

my hard drive crashed. again. twice in less than four years. bummer. nick knew it was gonna happen. had the lovely screen of death like in october. well, it bit the bullet. dead. lost all my flipping bookmarks. do you know how frustrating that is?
we were prepared. had an extra drive here just in case. yes, we are dweebs.
thankfully, i have religiously stored any other information on my external hard drive.
finally up and running. having a computer geek husband has some serious perks. and he didn't have to use the new one... YET. keeping my fingers crossed.
kinda frustrated that i didn't get to do my recipe swap pages yet. this weekend was my time to learn digi. properly. hoping to still find some time this afternoon.
but we were able to do lots of stuff around the house. cleaned our windows and screens. weeded the yard and flowers. cut the grass. yay spring cleaning. have lots of little projects left on my list.
grilled last night too! yum and yay! loving this weather.
today we donated blood. my first time. was a little nervous. almost didn't have a chance. apparently honduras is a malaria ridden country. nice. we passed and moved right along. amazingly, i have a bruise from the blood pressure cuff/tourniquet. what the heck is that about? anywho. felt good.
hmmm. had a busy work week. like i said, the boss was away. so glad she's back on monday. not only did i miss her as a person, but i'm tired of that responsibility!
tuesday we hit the sox game. got free tickets. can't pass those up. unfortunately, they lost and it was freaking cold. like almost freezing. i think the game time temp was 40 degrees. brrrr. had our picture taken. totally need to order it. you can check it out here. the game was tuesday april 17 and we're in gallery 7.
and then the very next day they go and have a no hitter. what? we skipped that one for yoga. never again!
wednesday again was yoga. ran into some troubles there. love that people just assume that you will provide your services. i don't care if they are family. they shouldn't expect it. they should have the courtesy to ask and understand that you have obligations as well. thankfully, a friend stepped in and i might have averted that disaster! thank you liz!
oh and yay... signed up for the garage sale at my lss. so excited. might be the spring cleaning urges too. can't wait to load up boxes of stuff and purge!


Kache said...

Hey I'm pricing LSS garage sale stuff right now - el cheapo is my slogan.
Cute picture! I clicked on two random groups of people before I found you. Not sure who I thought I was looking for for a second there.

So you provide yoga services now?
Man I get lost easily these days.

Lisa said...

Oy on dead hard drives! Cute pic from the game, unlike Rystn, I found you guys on the first click. Ok maybe not... lol