soy un perdidor

pardon my beck. {click the link if you want the crazy song in your head!} not sure if i spelled that correctly. who would have known i took two years of spanish. sigh. oh well.
yes, i'm a loser. i promise to keep up and i don't. slacker. i sorry.
not much new. easter and birthday marathon weekend is over. thank goodness. kinda sad that i wanted to go back to work on monday. i know, crazy. now i'm ready for the weekend. have an appointment with our vet. aka christy. soon to be mama. smart ass told the girls up front we were bringing the kitties in for lipo... not just a check up. i'm gonna get her! ;o)
also have a wedding. should be totally interesting. for a coworker. might be lots of drama to sit back and watch. it's always so much more enjoyable when it isn't your own family. bad shannon.
lets see. ditched yoga last week. family drama in the making. totally diverted. went this week. feel so much better. we are signing up for another session. now we just have to get our butts in gear and practice at home. did some crazy breathing through only one nostril tonight. confused the bejesus out of me. the lady was like, 'it's okay. i'll walk you through it.' um, i really had a hard time concentrating. there was whistling throughout the room. yeah, i'm mature too!
k. what else. oh yeah, maybe planning a crazy vacation. with nick's dad and his girlfriend. her daughter and her nephew. nick and myself in a rv. teehee. we shall see.
oh and to all you moms out there... any awesome gifts you would recommend for all these mommies to be? something most people may not think of? any specific milestones if i make a book? any input would be appreciated. ;o)
oh and i'm gonna update my gallery. so check it, if you're interested. lots of stuff from rsc. seriously, i think everything i did the past few months went there!


Breana said...

you are so not a slacker, you're making me look really bad with saying you're a blog slacker...lol!

Momma gifts...hmmm kinda pricey but so awesome, the bumbo chair...so cool! I never had one b/c of course they came out with after my kids were WAY too old for it, but I know ppl who have it a LOVE it!!!


i'll try and think of some more too!

Jill said...

I LOVE to give Baby Whoozit as gifts. They're just fun and Timothy loved his. (They also have a Giant Whoozit but that one will cost you $200--unless you REALLY love that mom, I'd stick with the Baby ;-)

Heather said...

I'll second the bumbo chair- that thing was awesome when Megan was little (didn't have them for Cam) and you can get them at Target now! Bonus!

check out parents.com and you can see different milestones for different age groups.. .you could also do a "my first holidays" album and get a bib for each one :)

Kache said...

Ok wait, is your cat having kittens or is your vet pregnant? LOL

I'm with you on the low maturity level for things like that yoga class. I definitely couldn't sit next to someone I know or I would lose it.

Great stuff in the gallery, 'specially like the bunny butt card and the purse card!

Anonymous said...

Love the stuff in your gallery, must remember to check it our more often, and your book list. Between yours and Rystn's, I should be set for awhile :)


Jaime said...

Sounds like a crowded RV to me, but lots of fun!

Good luck with your album making, I'm sure it will turn out awesome!