seriously. we were spoiled. such 'warm' winter weather. well, now it's freezing. they say it might not even reach zero over the weekend. sucks! i'm soooo ready for spring! flips. tanks. open windows. lilacs. sigh...
so last weekend wasn't as peaceful as we hoped. friday night the lamp went out in the tv. bummer! no wii. no movies. ack. after a lot of hoops, we drove about an hour away to pick up a replacement lamp. if we didn't pick it up, we would have had to wait for four weeks. i don't think so!
since we drove out so far, i convinced to head to archivers. bad move. lots of money spent. bad shannon.
ended up going out saturday night with some family. good times. hadn't seen them in a while. and since it was part of my resolution we sucked it up eventhough we were feeling like lazy homebodies.
and sunday the relator stopped by. gave us the appraisal on the house. more than i expected. way excited about that. now jerry and michelle are looking into getting preapproved for home loans!
picked out plumbing stuff: sinks, faucets, showers, bathtubs, toilets. getting so much closer. in a few weeks we will sit down and price out all of our decisions to see where we stand and what the next few months will entail.
busy week. dinner at house of kobe, tastefully simple parties, deadlines for rsc, soccer for nick meeting the builders. i thought this year was supposed to wind down... but it's not a franctic busy which i like!
in superbowl news, such a sense of excitement everywhere. can't wait for the game. regardless of the outcome it will be fun! but... go bears!


Kache said...

Yay on the appraisal!
Yay and boo on Archivers ;)
Sounds like you have a lot of cool stuff to pick out for the house!

Anonymous said...

Have fun building the house and picking out stuff.