new show on mtv. totally knew nothing about it until my dad said something to me. why would my dad know about it? because the show takes place in our county. the juvie center isn't too far from where we live. i drove past it every day when i worked at the hospital... my dad is retired. and he couldn't handle being home so he took up bus driving. yeah, weird but it works for him! well, he's a big guy and i guess they kinda volunteered him to drive the kids from juvie to and from school. fun. he's had quite a few stories to share: calling the cops to pick the kids up is just one!
so he tells me about the show. that he doesn't know if it will ever show him and the bus and curiousity got the best of me. totally tivo'd it yesterday and finally had a chance to watch it. whoa. not sure what i was expecting but it kinda got me by surprise. i mean jail isn't something i think about on a regular basis! so anywho. if you want the website is www.juvies.mtv.com i hate mtv's web pages but it might be worth a shot.

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Kache said...

I've seen the previews, it looks intense! How weird that he got picked to drive them, let us know if he ends up on an episode!