not a good weekend. negative gagillion degrees. frozen pipes. bears lose. blech.
week is starting off better. it made it to the positive side of the thermometer. a whopping one degree. pipes are all unfrozen. no damage to be seen... yet.
did get lots of scrapping done saturday. i was hibernating. refusing to brave those temps!
and on the superbowl... what the heck is up with those bears? they so sucked. indy so deserved to win. happy for peyton and tony and marvin. can't wait to see some new peyton commercials.
i'll leave you with my favs...

seriously. love peyton. ;o)


Kache said...

Ok the second one made me laugh

Anonymous said...

Second one is funny!


Breana said...

2nd one made me laugh too! sorry the bears lost. hope the week is looking up now.

Lisa said...

Those were too funny! He's such a cutie. Bummer da bears lost, I was rooting for them too.