breaking out...

the flips! we are having a heat wave. in the 50s. loving it. cannot wait for spring. to open the windows, to see the flowers bloom and trees bud. so excited. seriously. if we didnt' have all this melting snow... i would be in flips!
i know crazy. blizzard less than a week ago. now balmy. sigh. i love spring.
oh and uber excited about springing ahead. i know i'm getting ahead of myself. but that's not too far off either. more sunlight. yay!
makes me want to get in 'healthier' mode again. been horrible on that front. think it is all winter's fault. it makes me want to be a heffalump. nick's gonna do a marathon. might encourage me to get back into running. but want to do it outdoors. quit the gym. trying to be better financially and neither one of us were going. we shall see. i tend to talk the talk more than walk the walk...
been fighting off a cold. totally stinks. my girlfriend fought the fight for two weeks, then it kicked her ass. this weekend will almost be two weeks. hoping i can prove her wrong!
lots of scrapping. not sharing much. mostly projects for the knk crop and the next issue of rsc. got my hands on some new tinkering ink for rsc. holy cannolis. not sure if i can do it justice. the finery tags are way neat. keeping my fingers crossed that some mojo will slap me in the face!
did figure out how to upload the pics from the new camera, thanks nick. haven't found the time to mess around with photoshop. someday. and when that happens hope to play around with the digi side of the scrapworld. got some free kits and hope to use them, not sure if i have the patience tho!


Kache said...

50 degrees is ok, it just can't be summer yet ok?

Hope you feel better soon, then you can pass it along. Good luck with the running.

Not sure I can talk to you if you head on over to the dark side, I mean digital side... ;)

Lisa said...

Oooh, I got to wear my flips in AZ this weekend. It felt soooo good!!