snow day!!!!

wahooo! no work today. first time as a grown up. so exciting. when i worked at the hospital, there was no such thing. but since we're an office, we can manipulate. ;o)
and considering that ALL local schools are closed, i think it's only fair. found out that two of the doctors from our other office are stuck in d.c. so they might close that office too.
my coworker was to catch a flight out of ohare this morning. hope that all got straightened out!
so yay. snow day!
yesterday one of my docs got stuck in the parking lot. we had to push him out after shoveling a path. absolutely hilarious. i seriously just laid in the snow laughing. good times. the roads weren't too terrible. it was the driveways and parking lots. and i say driveways because nick and i both got stuck in ours! totally digging beatrix the beast. the car drives awesome. loving the 4 wheel drive. first time in the two years we've had it that we have had 'real' snow. the drifts are just amazing. but that's what 30 mph winds will do, huh? tried taking pictures. don't know if it will do it justice andno pictures to share yet. haven't hooked the new camera {just for you, lisa} up to the computer. might have to be adventurous and figure that out today. after i get a boatload of scrapping done.
oh and no 12 on the 12. been too busy. maybe i can add that to my list for today!


Kache said...

SNOW DAY! You're so luckyyyyyyyy.

Lisa said...

Yay for snow days! Hope you're getting lots of scrapping done :)

And thanks for the link on the camera, CUTE!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for snow days!! Hope you had fun and got a lot of scrapping done :)


Susan said...

Enjoy your snow day....personally, I'm happy when school is open ;-)