baby steps.

so the house stuff is coming along. waiting on an appraisal for this one before we really know what we are going to do... will nick's dad and girlfriend buy it? will we have to put it on the market? blech at that thought? will we get enough back that we can even afford to build? fun yet exciting and scary all at the same time.
stopped at a local design center today. pricing out cabinets, marble. have to go to the plumbing and flooring places yet. then we will have an even better picture of where we stand cost wise.
i'm having the darndest time on flooring colors and trim. we will only have wood in two rooms but seems like such a decision. should it match the trim/mouldings and doors? will i really clean the white trim? and all the dirt on the white doors? kinda thinking of cherry. but will that be too dark?
i'm such a visual person. kinda hard to picture from an ittybitty sample.
so anyone have any must have tips for new homes? anything you would do differently? any design ideas?
so excited for this upcoming weekend. why? we have nothing planned! weee... that means wii, movies, and scrapping. yay!


Kache said...

Have fun doing nothing! That's my plan too.

Never built a house, but have fun looking!

Lisa said...

Lazy weekends are the best!!

TracyDacy said...

I hope everything works out in terms of you selling your current home. Buying and building the new one sounds super exciting!


Rita said...

I really think white trim and doors in classic, but one or two rooms with all stained wood (like the study) is nice too. White is not really too hard to maintain...and I have 3 kids and had a dog for 13 years. A good wipe down once or twice a year is fine. And some touch up painting every once in a while. Good luck with all the choices. It's fun and overwhelming all at the same time.

Heather said...

what rita said.

Yay! for the scrapping... can I send some stuff your way to do for me???