birthdays, colts, and bears...

oh my!
busy, busy. i suck again at blogging. over a week. that was an 'unwritten' resolution. keep up with this stinking thing. sigh. already failing and it isn't even february!

first things first. bears and colts!!! yippeee!!!
so exciting. now i just have to figure out what superbowl party to attend and work on a way to slow the office down the monday after. could be a LONG day! but so worth it if the bears win. honestly, i would be okay with either. truly. i like peyton. and i'm a hoosier. but we are so close to chicago. gotta go for da bears!

nick's birthday was friday. had some craziness trying to schedule visiting hours with all the parents. stunk. he got called out to work friday at 7:30pm. didn't get home til after 10:30pm. what a way to spend your birthday. got some great gifts. and great gifts from my parents means great gifts for me next month. bonus!

k. sorry not longer. but i'm at work. should probably get back to it! ;o)


Kache said...

There's an unwritten rule that you're not allowed to get called into work on your birthday, that sucks. Glad there was some good gift action going on.

Lisa said...

Yay for da Bears!! And happy birthday to Nick!

Laura Vigliarolo said...

Glad good gifts were had by all.
GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!