12 on the 12th... on the 13th...

k. so i'm gonna try and be an up to date girl. i also love heather and rita's posts. so i'm copying! ;o)
however, i need them to tell me how to compile them all. i suck. nick tried and this was the best we could do! if any techo-sauve readers would like to help! you know how to contact me!
here we go!
1. nick and the wii.
2. our drywall repair fiasco.
3. npr. my afternoon listening.
4. lids for lives. yoplait. we collected at work.
5. site of our future new home.
6. our christmas self portrait. only picture taken by us that day!
7. nibbies and her favorite spot under the tree.
8. my comfy, cozy, kick ass new slippers! great gift from my grandma!
9. nick's new favorite beer.
10. fireworks on nye! i <3 fireworks!
11. all toasting on nye. picture courtesy of christy the pregnant lady.
12. me, nick, jas, and christy on nye. our family of four... soon to grow.

now that i think about it. number one is from november. and the same may be true for number two. i suck. will be better next month! ;o)


Rita said...

Love it Shannon! I am 3 months behind in getting the collages put together, but I have taken all the pics. BTW, Heather is the guru when it comes to making the collages. I still have to call her.

Lisa said...

Great pics! Not sure how Heather does hers but I used PSE, takes a little practice but it works.

Kache said...

Great pics, cute little kitty under the tree!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!


Heather said...

okay, so these were from the month of December, or one day in December? I'm a little slow...

I use PSE as well.... it just takes practice- mine still suck, so I'll let you know how much practice it takes....