the new year...

to make resolutions? to not make resolutions? why not? if i don't do them it just means i'm a failure, right? ;oP
so i made them last year. actually wrote them down. did a whole page about them. wondered if it was worth it. did i actually do any of them? here's the page i did about them...

so yes, we totally cooked in more. housework and bills... hmm that started out great, sputtered and then picked up steam again. so i'll say yes. sewing machine. ahem, no. under a pile of crap in the scraproom closet. exercising... not so much. decluttering. guess not since there's that pile on the sewing machine. time with family and friends... yes. procrastinate less... yes. step out of my comfort zone.. sorta.

so what's that. shannon 5. resolutions 4. i win! guess i'll do them again.
off the top of my head.
  • take more pictures. gasp! of myself and the little things. {and upload and print in a timely manner. hmm. maybe that negated my resolution to procrasitinate less....}
  • learn to use the effing sewing machine.
  • heffalump should exercise and eat better. to be less restrictive i'll say 'be healthier.'
  • laugh more.
  • remember to breathe. {thanks ali...}
  • save more, spend less.
  • be true to myself.
  • scrap more, spend less.
  • continue to spend more time with family and friends.
  • not freak out in 2008 when i haven't stuck with my resolutions!


Lisa said...

Great job on keeping up the '06 resolutions! I think that last one about not freaking out in '08 is the best one yet!!

Kache said...

Was that layout really only a year ago? Now I'm scared. I'd say you kicked resolutins' a**! :)

Anonymous said...

And the winner is Shan! WTG on the resolutions.

Like your last one regarding 2008 :)


Heather said...

yeah, I keep looking at my layout from 2006 and decided NOT to do one for this year! lol

Good luck with 2007! I'll be right there with you on most of those.

Rita said...

Congrats on the win! And good luck with this year. Hey, the attmept is what really matters in my mind.