pumpkin king.

nick and i got our pumpkins carved today. my parents were nice enough to share the pumpkins they grew with us! just wish they were a little plumper. kinda limited our designs. but beggars can't be choosers!
the two pumpkins right after they were created.

nick's rockin cyclops!

my pumpkin king. supposed to look like jack from the nightmare before christmas. eh, turned out alright!
had a costume snafu. for work, we are all supposed to be something christmas related. long story.. but my boss is the grinch! ;o) i was to be the sugar plum fairy. tried on the costume today. had it for a week or so... look like a fairy street walker! made a mad dash to the costume stores after nick's cpr recert. at brandee's! found an angel costume... thank goodness! but now, nick wants to be the fairy. boys!
and for brandee. darn her and that little bambino jade. she's so stinking cute. got to play with her while nick did the cpr stuff. thankfully, he has agreed no babies til after the new house!
speaking of homes, the builder showed us our tentative home. way cool. he has built it twice now, the following is a picture of the one that is completed.
kinda crummy picture. we drove back after being shown the home... they were outside raking leaves! had to pretend we were private investigators or something and be all secretive about it! have a few adjustments but not many. really getting excited about it all. think we have our lot. really need to get a realtor out here to give us an idea of what we could put the house on the market for. to really figure out finances. ah, fun stuff...
also stumbled across this rocking street.
we were really hoping it intersected with a nicholas street because that would have just been too freaking cool. settled for ryan. which is nick's middle name. hmmm, might have to put that intersection into our gps guy and see where i need to go on a roadtrip! ;o)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful house! Exciting times ahead for you.


psucolleen said...

oh man those jack-o-lanterns are fabulous! love the cyclops and yours SO looks like jack! Can't wait to carve tomorrow night.

The house looks beau-ti-ous! I'm all anxious for you! Love new houses.

Stacey said...

Great pumpkins! congrats on the house thing...good luck with that!

Kache said...

I think it shares a striking resemblance to Jack.
Cool lookin house, I hope it works out for ya!

Breana said...

those are great pumpking. very cool house! those streets signs are awesome!

Laura Vigliarolo said...

Jack looks great......so does the house.

Lisa said...

Love the pumpkins, definitely looking like Jack there. The house looks great too, best of luck to you guys with it!

Susan said...

those are the coolest pumpkins!!

Love the house, too!

Rita said...

Awesome pumpkins. Nicks' looks a lot like the one Jackson did only his wasn't on purpose. :-)

The house looks great too. Maybe when your builder is done with your house he can come finish ours. :-(

Brandy said...

Yeah I was just about to suggest that you do not use Rita's guys