always something.

yup. that's life. the ups and downs of adulthood. {is that even a word? ah, another one for the shabster dictionary...} and yes, this might seem like an over reaction or something. maybe even like it shouldn't even be a big deal. and i do know that there are worse things in life, but it is frustrating nonetheless. so warning. vent ahead. crabby shan. just gonna get it out and over with.. here i go. ;o)
had another doozie of a storm roll through here yesterday evening.
noticed some lovely water damage today. sucks. our house is not even 4 years old and we have water damage. what the?!
the even better part. our builders. they stink. had problems with them from the get go. just found out earlier this year that we are paying taxes for a time period when we weren't even in the house. {yeah, indiana is a year or two behind on the taxes. but we are catching up.} we moved in the first week of june. we are paying for the entire year. tried to get it remedied but can't. the builders are no longer together. the company no longer exists. so who is responsible... us. a cracked bathtub. thankfully, we were able to track down the plumbers!
now this. water damage. i know that roofs are supposed to be good for 5 or 10 years. i forget. but if that's the case. or if it's something structural. we should be covered. but by who?
now the lovely process starts of calling the insurance company, our relator, the better business bureau, city hall for building codes, the board of relators if our relator won't help, possibly lawyers. anyone got any other ideas?
sometimes it doesn't seem worth it. like we go through all the trouble and then get stuck. that it would just be easier to do it ourselves and say forget it. but that's what the man wants. the squeakiest wheel gets the oil. gosh, i do hate that. i usually am the ones complaining about those people. but this is a bit different.
nick just says that this will be the driving force in us moving. to find a reputible builder and start from scratch. not just buy new construction and hope for the best. yeah, i know things can happen. no one is perfect. that even if we have the best builder in the whole wide world things can go wrong. but maybe, they will be around to help us!
hopefully, our home owner's insurance will cover it. it should, shouldn't it?
heck i don't know. they never taught you this stuff in school. and honestly, i'm not sure if i would have paid attention!


Kache said...

That stinks. Stuff like that can ruin a perfectly good day. My first thought was your homeowner's insurance. Just seems like they would be the ones to handle it. I hope so!

Brandy said...

Uh, that sure does suck. I thought people bought new houses to avoid all this, but it is all I hear anymore. You should find a nasty dump in the ghetto and I bet you'll have no more problems. You will, however, now be living in a dump in the ghetto

Anonymous said...

I love Brandy!

I would suggest your insurance company too. I know when we had water damage (and found mold) we were given the run around by both insurance and the association. Each one thinking the other should pay... everything worked out though. WE did have this conversation with Liz and Chris at their house last weekend about Builders and LLC. I hope things get figured out and quickly. Totally sucks about the taxes!


Heather said...

yucko Shannon! GOod luck with it- I went through all that crap with our AC... I'm with Bran- buy a ghetto house, just don't keep the valuables around!

Susan said...

What a disappointment, Shannon! I'm feeling the same way about our home right now.....the thing that really sucks is the fact that after 7 yrs here, I finally have re-done all the rooms the way I like, just like you recently did the custom office and now the thought to have to start all over is ....well, disappointing! :-(