thank you.

i have a thing with thank yous. i probably tend to send them more than i should.
not sure why. i don't remember my mom being big on them. i mean, for the big events: graduation, weddings. but never for the little things like birthdays and christmas.

got a thank you from a wedding we attending recently. kinda put off by it. all pre written. typed. like it came in the package with their invitations. no handwriting. well, our address on the envelope. it would have been nice to have at least a little personalization on the inside. say maybe their signatures...
as much as i hated writing our wedding thank yous, we did it. now, don't get me wrong. i'm glad that we got a thank you. i mean, i've sent gifts and never received any acknowledgment that they were received... until i had the guts to ask quite some time later... but i digress. i thought that if someone took the time to buy a gift or write a check, i could take a few moments of time to thank you. even if it meant having a terrible hand cramp!

yeah, i'm weird. but aren't we all?

and thanks for the kind words. unfortunately, i don't think we will get any answers until after we return from los angeles. frustrating. but i'm going to try and not worry about something i have no control over. yeah, easier said than done.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the thank you's. I even make the boys send them out afer their birthdays. And a little personalization is nice.


Kache said...

I'm not up on thank you notes like I should be. Maybe because the people who give me presents are people I see and talk to all the time and I tell them in person? probably a lame excuse. But yeah, for big events I do them. And I would always expect them to be personalized/handwritten. I had a friend who sent form letters in college to her friends. Still bugs me to think about it.

Jill said...

I've never been too big on thank-yous, probably because my mother NEVER sent them (to my knowledge). I do them when I need to but otherwise? Oops. *red face*

Susan said...

I'm with you on the thank-you's, Shannon! I get the kids to write one every time they receive something....I even send one when we've been hosted at someone's home for a dinner or a weekend...that said, I rarely get one in return and it does kinda irk me.

Brandy said...

Thank you's are a must. I wrote mine for my baby shower by hand even though my baby was still in the NICU and I had just gotten out myself. Why? Because they deserve a representation of my appreciation.

Heather is tops at it though. I am trying, but with stuff like Christmas I forget. I feel with that, I gave you a gift too, so we are even. Not Heather, she still sends em. She is my role model. The last thank you I sent was to the people we stayed with last weekend in Denver. Now I am sure we will be invited back. yay

Rita said...

I'm with you on the thank you's Shannon...have started making my kids write their own too...still the fill in the blank kind but at least it's something.

I really try to get mine out but sometimes things fall by the wayside and I feel guilty about it FOREVER!

I agree with Brandy, Heather is an amazing thank you card writer...sent me one the other day and I swear it arrived in my mailbox the day after she got a gift...and I know she made it right then because she used the gift I gave her on the card!

Have fun in L.A.!