i dispise people who have no other life than to steal other people's debit/bank account information and make crazy transactions to your account. this makes twice in about 4 months that we have had this happen. first with nick's card, now with mine. the first time our bank caught it. this time, not so much. over $350 racked up on the statement when i checked today.... for some place in europe...

in happier news, i'm uploading a boatload of pictures right now. just have to edit and order! and we're scheduled to see the nightmare before christmas in 3d tomorrow. rescheduled last week because nick's mom was crazy sick. and today was halloween! got to see all the cute kidlets dressed up! and what the heck is with mom's driving kids from house to house? seriously. it's not like we are miles apart!

dressed up for work today too. christmas theme. the planning started last year! jokingly called my boss a grinch. it stuck. hence, our theme. next year is pirates. gotta think ahead for discount costumes! ;o)
would share pictures, but blogger is being a meanie.


Anonymous said...

Sucks about someone getting your info, mean people suck!

At the grocery store there was someone shopping dressed up like a Christmas elf :)

Can't wait to see pictures, hopefully blogger will play nice with you later.


Kache said...

uh, that sucks to have your info stolen. and by someone having a good time in europe too. hope that works out for you!

we want pictures!!!!!! :)

Lisa said...

Ugh about the credit cards, had that happen to me once and it sucks.

Have fun at the movie, Nightmare in 3d should be a blast!

Susan said...

My brother had that happen to him for thousands of dollars...TWICE!!

The Crazy mom across the street took her kids T or T'ing by car yesterday...she drove along as they went house to house...come on, we are in townhouses, it's 3 feet from one to the next!

Heather said...

ugh about the credit cards, and ugh about the cars... they have golf carts in our neighborhood- and once they hit 10, the parents let them drive them on their own!

Rita said...

Sorry about the bank card...what a pita.

We get some people driving trick or treaters around our neighborhood but it's mostly people who come in from other areas. But who am I to talk...I drive to my mailbox.

Can't wait to see pics.

TracyDacy said...

Dang Shan! So sorry to hear about the bank card.

Looking forward to seeing those pics tho.

Brandy said...

It is okay, I already saw it on Flickr and had a laugh. I guess now is a bad time to tell you that I plan to steal credit cards to buy Christmas gifts, huh?