college years...

lately, when i have thought back on the past three and a half years of my life... i have really been wanting to call them my college years. weird, i know.
i never went away to school. i stayed at home and did the local campus of a major state school. thought it was best financially and i just wanted to be closer to my nicholas. lame, i know.
when nick and i moved in together, i had never lived without my parents. it was liberating. and a huge change. had a lot of things to get used to. i mean, i actually had to do my own dishes! okay, so nick does them. ;o)
i feel like i'm settling into more of a routine. that i'm ready to become more of an adult. yeah, whatever that means. i dunno. maybe that we just don't have ramen and frozen burritos for dinner. that i've actually cooked almost regularly for the past year!
maybe it's just this crazy, huge, financial, grown up decision we have ahead of us. yes, we have made large decisions, but for some reason this one just feels like a doozy! or maybe that i'm just conscious of the repurcussions. whatever they may be.
i honestly haven't a clue. but it feels like a transition period. maybe one i sorta missed right after college or even by not going away.
who knows. maybe it's just me being the deep overthinker that i am! and maybe it doesn't even make sense! ;o)


Heather said...

I TOTALLY understand.. I think it comes in waves- new things coming up make you reflect, think about who you are, what got you where you are... good luck with the house thing- it will all happen the way it should!

Rita said...

I'm a firm believe in things happen for a reason (keep telling myself that everyday). You guys will make great decisions and the pieces will all fall into place and in the end you'll have something you can really be proud of.

Another thing Jim keeps telling me every day...it's only money. That's good to remember too. Don't let it cause you too much stress.

Kache said...

Big decisions like that are bound to bring up "big" thoughts. I usually try to repress them to the best of my ability. Too much thinking involved :)

Laura Vigliarolo said...

With being an adult comes big decissions try not to over think them, you don't really have that much time because there is another one around the corner to pop out at you.