sun shiney day!

ah, is everyone singing the brady bunch now? ;)
anywho. today's the first day we saw the sun in about 5 days. we supposidly have another crummy stretch headed this way. the 5 day forecast shows nothing but rain...
today was wonderful! nick and i headed downtown to see spamalot. not sure what i expected since i had never seen any of the monty python movies... but it was a good time. we got there early, so we had a chance to walk around. thankfully, the sun decided to peek it's head out! i was nervous we were going to get there and not want to walk around in the icky weather.
we went to millenium park. so fun! i had always wanted to go and we never had the opportunity. the cloud gate was super cool. got some nifty pictures!

the one is from the reflection of the dome. way cool. could totally spend more time up there just walking around. might have to file that in our summer to do list! maybe we will brave the taste this year. the fountains there would be much more refreshing on a hot day. my toes were frozen after a quick walk thru!


Breana said...

very cool pics! can't wait to see what you create!

Kache said...

Everybody's smilin' sunshine day!
Everybody's laughin' sunshine day!

Thanks for putting that in my head now. Really cool reflection picture. And you should definitely do the taste of Chicago thing, it always looks super swell when they show it on the food network :)

TracyDacy said...

Did you happen to catch the 48 hour Brady Bunch marathon on TV Land this past weekend? :-)

Heather said...

love those pictures!

psucolleen said...

I think I'll go outside for a walk outside now.
The summer sun's calling my name.

I 100% started thinking of it as soon as I saw your titled. Uh... thanks. :O\ It will spend the better part of the day bouncing around in my head... along with visions of a bad dance routine and costumes. I should do really well on my conference call.

Anyhow... VERY cool photos; looks like (ahem) a very sunshiney day you had!

KJ said...

Crazy cool pics! I love that globe thingy!

Brandy said...

I used to have the Brady Bunch hits CD. It was awesome.