2 years....

of wedded bliss. yup, today is our anniversary. nick was amazing. of course! :) he made a wonderful dinner...filet mignon, pasta, sauteed mushrooms, and chocolate covered strawberries. yum! now i really do feel like a heffalump!
so, honestly the last two years have been great. to me nothing changed when we got married. we are still the same nick and shan that we always were. it's kinda nice growing up with the one you love. the one you were meant to be with. i am so lucky that we were able to grow up together and not apart over these past twelve years. i hope we continue on this path.
now, i'm not saying that we don't have our arguments or disagreements. because we do! but i think different ideas and perspectives are healthy. i like having to rethink something or being shown a new way. nick may argue this point. yes, i am very stubborn and i hate to admit that i am wrong. truth be told...i really do like it. broaden my horizons, make me think outside the box, please don't let me become complacent and not open to new experiences.
those experiences are part of life...living, learning, growing.
now that my random mind has wandered, i will return to the original topic. my hubby! i love him more each day and cannot imagine being without him! he means the world to me....baby, if you ever read this...i love you with all my heart!

nick and shan *maui, hi 10-2004*


Nancy said...

beautiful photo and layout!!!

Rita Fuja said...

Hi Shannon. Just wanted to say that I try to read your blog fairly regularly. I love that you write about your life the way you do. I've never been a journaler but I love to read other people's journals!!

Happy Anniversary! You sound happy and doing well in your life. Keep it up!