why scrap?

why do i do it? plain and simple...because i want to. i love the creative process. i love preserving memories. i love making personalized gifts and having people truly value them. i love the idea that i might be making something for future generations to see..
now, why must people assume scrapbookers are weird or have all the free time in the world. i hate it. a couple of weeks ago, i was at a going away party for a former boss. during the conversation the fact that the manager that replaced her is a scrapbooker came up. i heard the most derogatory comments about her and the hobby. i was a complete chicken and didn't say a word. maybe i was too shocked to say anything. but it got me thinking. who are you to judge? i know this could relate to a ton of topics but for pete's sake, the woman has found a something that she enjoys. she isn't harming anyone, so why does it matter to you?
i've also had people comment about the time i spend creating....must be nice to have sooo much free time. really, i have just as much free time as you. it's just how i choose to spend my time. while you are sitting on the couch watching t.v. i am spending time creating layouts or cards or gifts.
recently i have been working on an album for work. i kinda got suckered into but hey it might be the only time i can make my boss happy! so i've spent a lot of timing working on it...it's been frustrating knowing that i HAVE to do this. got me thinking that i am more creative when i'm not forced to do something. i also think the fact that i had to create 20-something pages and then help put 40 books together is a wee bit overwhelming. thankfully, i didn't have to make all of the copies. nor will i have to put the finishing touches on it....my part will be all over after this weekend...if i can get it done. i think i can safely say that i do not want to see another 8 1/2 x 11 page or a tag for quite sometime!
many people want to be on design teams and i've thought long and hard if this is something that i would want. i am still not 100% sure with my decision and it may change with time but for now, i cannot imagine working with a deadline. so stressful. don't get me wrong, the freebies would be wonderful but then my hobby is turned into work. and it doesn't seem like it would be as fun. like this album for work, the supplies and my time will be reimbursed but i just dread working on it. maybe this is the chicken answer. maybe i'm ultimately afraid of defeat. who knows. i just know that i love this hobby and i'm totally lucky to have stumbled into it!


Meredith said...

I feel the same way you do about deadlines and DTs. Part of me would LOVE to do something like that and the other part tells me there is no way I could be "responsible" and meet my deadlines. It would suck all the fun right out of the hobby.

I loved your pages for your 8.5x11 book. The ones you posted yesterday were wonderful. I'm so glad you'll be free after this weekend!

suburban mom said...

I agree. Sometimes I'm embarassed to admit I scrapbook, isn't that horrible? People just react so oddly sometimes. I love scrapbooking - it's such a great creative outlet. And much better than TV.

Rita Fuja said...

Sometimes I'm embarrased to admit to others that scrapbooking is my hobby too. When I went to CKU I was amazed at how many of the women there were overweight and sort of "friend-less" (so sorry if I'm offending anyone). Not sure I want to fit into that group, but I do love the hobby and the creative outlet and preserving the memories for my family.

I'm with you too on the whole deadline thing and scrapping things that you "have" to do. Not fun!