quote of the day...

i love quotes. i collect them. have been for years. must figure out a way to keep them organized so i don't have to dig thru piles to find that special one. was thinking about posting quotes on this blog and my takes on them. thinking that i'm definitely gonna have to do it now.
got this quote in an email today from my father-in-law. i love it. totally what i needed on such a crummy monday... some people are like slinkies. not really good for anything, but still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.
now i know that this could sound horribly mean and rude. but it cracks me up. helped me laugh and relax after a crazy day at work. today i was thinking about how i need to work on my tolerance and patience. both of which i have none. then i saw the slinky quote and i realized who needs patience? who needs tolerance? seriously, all i have to do is picture the person that is annoying me fall down that flight of stairs.
honestly, i hope people don't really believe what i'm writing. i truly do want to work on my patience and tolerance. but sometimes it is soo frustrating. especially at work. today we are busting our butts and our patients are doing nothing but complaining. i'm sorry it's a crazy day. i'm sorry we are short staffed. i'm sorry we are overbooked. but can't you see that i haven't stopped once. that i'm not intentionally ignoring you. that your doctor has to review your chart and write your chemo orders before i can do anything. sometimes i feel so hopeless, frustrated, overwhelmed. i want to snap when someone makes a rude comment. but i bite my tongue. it doesn't make me any better of a person to retaliate. i think it could make me a weaker person. so today, i resolved to bite my tongue. to just grin and bear it. to realize that if someone can't see that i'm giving it my all there is nothing i can do about it....well, except picture them falling down that flight of stairs! just kidding! ;)


Meredith said...

Don't feel badly. I laughed out loud when I read the quote at the beginning of your post, so you're not the only one. I have to keep reminding myself (since we have similar jobs) that these people aren't thrilled to be where they are and they are just aching to complain to someone. We are just the most easily accessible people. We take a lot, from a LOT of people, but I think that makes us stronger really. (Even though it makes us come THIS close to flipping out completely on occasion! LOL!)

So, keep biting your tongue and I will too. But, I will definitely picture them flying down a LONG flight of stairs.

Jill said...

I LOVE that quote! Thank your FIL for me. Sad thing, though. My old neighbor in IL would have loved it. He died over a year ago. I'll send it to his wife.

Good for you, biting your tongue. It's hard to do but always for the best! (But I do think that I'd be VERY cranky if I were in their shoes just because of WHY I'd be there, KWIM?)

Okay, just picture me going down those stairs now. Hee!