the joys of...

homeownership! well, the joys, frustrations, expenses.... the list goes on and on. so nick and i have had our new home for just under two years now and i think i speak for the both of us when i say we couldn't be happier with the purchase. but as is the case most of the time, there are always things/rooms/areas that we would change or do without or whatever. there is always a project!
this weekend we want to try to get moving on our deck. the builders left us with some rickety, nasty steps and we are so ready to move on. so off to menards, lowes, home depot and every other home improvement store in our area. and we still don't know what we want. i don't just want to settle but i don't need it to be spectacular either.
i know this is our starter home. yes, it may not be the average starter home but it's ours. a huge risk and investment we took on. so, as much as i want my 'dream' deck, i know we may not be here for ever. but then again, we may. decisions, decisions. i hate them. nick hates them. what is a couple to do? call your parents. seek their advice, wisdom, knowledge. so here i sit, waiting for my dad to call me back! :)
and i know that this experience will help us with our future home or even homes. i am so glad we didn't build our first house. i don't think that we would have worked out all the kinks and with this house we have learned what 'works' for us. what spaces we use, which ones we don't. what areas we would like bigger...the laundry room! and what we would totally change...the master bath! and we definitely need a 3 car garage!!!
all in all, it's an awesome home. i (we) love the layout and design. i (we) cherish all the memories that we have made and will continue to make. i am so glad that we took a gamble and bought it! i think it's one of the best decisions that nick and i have made as a couple!
now that i am done rambling...must get back to the topic...decks. oh yes, must go look online for some deck building websites..... ;)

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Meredith said...

There is nothing more satisfying (and more completely irritating ) than home ownership! I hope you can get your deck finished the way you want it. I think our back deck/screen porch is beyond hope. Take pictures!!