i hate traffic.

yes, it's that simple really. i dispise it. big surprise coming from the most impatient girl in the world?!! you know what i dislike even more? construction. why? because most of the time, traffic is directly related to construction.
they have been doing roadwork on an area by my house for months now. they finally finished it and i had been loving my commute to work the past few days. but no, they can't be done. they simply moved it further down the road. so here i am, running a wee bit late for work {it's monday...give me a little break! :)} and bam standstill. in the middle of an intersection, mind you. argh. i was fuming. fine, a little snafu. down to one lane in either direction...i can get over it, as long as we start moving people! so here we are driving along and bam. another standstill. double argh. another one lane section. why not just keep it a single lane? it might help a tinsy bit considering it seems that no one believes in merging etiquette. so irritating.
what is merging etiquette you might ask...well, it's from shannon's book of driving. i know, neurotic. but i have a lot of pet peeves when it comes to driving...maybe we'll touch on that at a later date. now, back to merging. my theory. merging can be much more painless if every other car merged. not 5 cars speeding by trying to sneak in ahead, not one person letting 5 people in at once. a single-file, orderly procedure. merge every other car and don't get out of the lane you are in when you see the sign to merge ahead. we all see you and know what you are doing...it's not nice and really doesn't help the situation.
well, i feel much better now! and since i don't want to leave you with the negativity of my post, i will share somethings i love....
*good mail days
*cute, elderly couples holding hands, still in love
*the smell of fresh cut grass
*massages of any sort!
*sleeping in
*no traffic ;)

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Meredith said...

LOL! I love the merging etiquette lesson! Only in the ideal world would that ever work. Maybe one day we'll be civilized enough to handle something like that....but not today. LOL! I hope you made it to work eventually!