w.i.p. 7.24.10

w.i.p. = weekend in pictures.
i'm feeling lazy. hence the no posts the past few days. ;-/

went to st. john fest. stuck it out through tornado warnings. turned out to be a really nice evening and not so crowded!
dancing with aunt laura.

and for some reason ben decided to eat his toes toward the end of the night and found it absolutely hilarious.

trip to indy. seeing nick's family that is in from switzerland.
was held at a splash pad in carmel. took ben a bit to warm up to the water but he seemed to enjoy himself.

hanging at joe and sharon's. nick didn't want to leave. he wanted to play dominos with andrew all night!

nick played softball. took ben to play at the park and then we went to watch daddy play ball.

and an evening swim at grandma and grandpa's. 


going green.

nick and i have been taking baby steps in getting greener. i think i've posted about it here before. i can't remember!

we bought these awesome grocery bags about a year ago. LOVE them. get so many compliments on them when we are at the store. also have some foldable ones that i got at kohl's. just love that they fold up so neatly and they were on sale for $1!

bought these water bottles from costco. we have tried a zillion different types of water bottles. i love these because they have a carabiner. so nice to just snap onto ben's stroller and be off. 

found an old wonder bread sandwich holder {i have no clue where i got it from!} and had been using that at work for a few weeks. stumbled across these and decided to order them. yes, one of each color. a bit pricey. but oh so cute. totally worth it if we're going to be using them on a regular basis. so far so good. haven't put them in a cooler yet. so i'm not sure how well they seal but i can always throw them into a giant ziploc just in case.

also got the rubbermaid storage with easy find lids. nick has a tupperware phobia. i'm lucky he decided on these. was a toss up between these and resuable smaller snack size and sandwich bags {like these}. might still purchase some. we'll see how we do.

last thing on my list... super cute lunch bags for the two of us. ;-)
thinking a target trip is in my future!


despicable me.

so glad we rearranged our schedule to go see it.
totally in love with the little green guys. and edith, love her hat. ;-)
and i think that gru totally sounds like mike myers. not steve carell.
and just saw on imdb that there's a sequel planned! yay.



have a crazy desire to read.
i've gone back to devoting my lunch to shannon's reading time. or maybe if i kick the cash cow addiction i can read before bed every night...

was purusing npr and stumbled across this link.  have already added like ten to my kindle want list!  i'm also adding books like crazy thanks to goodreads! thank you friends for having the same taste in books as i do!! oh and do you know there is a goodreads app?

k. so although i have a million books on my to read list, suggestions are always welcome.
kids books too! ;-)



crappy picture...
yummy produce fresh from our garden. woot woot!


weekend in pictures. 7.17.10

went out to dinner and saw a movie. i haven't been to bdubs in forever! some tasty menu changes! and i give eclipse two thumbs up!

ben went to his first concert. his grandpa's! saw nick's dad's band, bandboozled, play. was a super hot yet fun afternoon/evening.

ben enjoying cedar lake. he did sooo good in the water. splashing, laughing, and randomly putting his head in the water! pardon the crappy pictures. 

jerbear playing the keyboard.

groupies. ;-)

love this one. 

celebrated nick's nana's 80th birthday and hit a picnic at lemon lake.

some wicked storms went through the region...

benjamin enjoying aunt michelle's homemade cheesecake. i adore the little piece on his nose here...

then it was time to head to the picnic.
got there late but so glad we went. had a great time. happened to show up almost exactly as jas and chris did. didn't even know they would be there. yay for happy coincidences.

wynn shut jay in the stroller.

wee man playing with wee bean bag set! so cute.

parachute fun. the bigger kids had a blast then were sweet enough to let ben and wynn sit under it for a bit. 

 yay for good weekends. ;-)


minute to win it party in pictures

i had the rebel out for everyone to use and take pictures of the party... probably should have left out the point and shoot but i was looking for some quick shutter speed! ;-)

a few favs... out of the over 500 that were taken!!!

bob's 9 second golf ball feat.
love that whoever took the first picture forgot his head!

the cups hated me.
it's okay, i now know the trick.

quarter dropping was a bit messy.

candalier was way fun.

can't believe she stacked those apples!

bobblehead was painful. might have been my least favorite game!

nick and his crazy rubber band shooting skills. knocked all 6 cans over in 2 shots.

we need a better tape measure next year!

nut stacking. crazy steph has the bottom one turned another direction!

i am being a good friend and not sharing any of the crazy pictures. you know when we have panty hose on our heads and are trying to knock over water bottles. ;-P

and the scores at the end of the evening.... was a close one!

looking forward to next year!!!



post for the day.
i tried to set up blogger for the week and i got lazy.
and now i'm feeling more than lazy and just wanting to curl up on the couch and catch up on top chef.

- work has been hectic. uber busy days and a late evening phone call from the alarm company with an emergency visit to the office and a lovely time spent with some police officers...
- played volleyball in 93837 degree temperature with 100% humidity has sucked the life out of me...
- but i am looking forward to work tomorrow... it's a starbucks/mcdonalds morning! yay caffeine and grease to get me through a few hours!

and i can't guarantee a less lame post, or even a post tomorrow...
finally going to see the new twilight movie! woot woot!



nick finally finished our cabinets.
there were only a few uh ohs muttered throughout the whole process....

yup he drilled right through the cabinet. nothing a little wood putty didn't fix!

have to say the tot locks are pretty nifty. and hoping we don't lock one of the magnets in the cabinet.

ben loves to try and get the outlet covers off. so not fun. was talking to our pediatrician about it yesterday and he said that one mom told him a story of her son trying to get them off by using a fork! holy what? yeah, that's scary.

in other beaner news...
- saw the pediatrician for his 15 mos check up. finally.  little guy weighs just under 23 pounds and is 30 inches.  and he's not worried about his turned in foot. so that's good.  and got the okay to flip his car seat to forward facing. well, not that he recommended keeping him rear facing. we just forgot to ask and ben was so short and we knew there were new guidelines so we just let him be. gonna be so weird!


benadryl spray.

is my new best friend.
my itch stick just isn't cutting it.

i hate mosquitos. hate them. or maybe i hate that i'm so damn sensitive to their viscious bites. and it's like a delayed reaction. it usually doesn't cause intense itching until a day or two later. what is that? or i can work all day long then at like 3 o clock the ones on my feet all decided that it would be fun to drive me bananas. so not fair.

my lovely husband knew i might scratch my legs off, so he bought me a nifty spray. no goopy, messy hands and no more itching! such a thoughtful gift. love him. ;-)


12 on the 12th july 2010 edition.

- the minute to win it party was a success. i had a blast! upcoming post on it later....
- thinking the minute to win it post might take the place of my weekend in pictures for this weekend.
- didn't go to my mailbox for two days. that is so unlike me.
- have taken my lunch to work the last few days. just am not feeling the uber unhealthy lunches. but the pb and j that i'm taking makes me feel like a little kid!
- watched the entire world cup final game. i feel like i wasted a few hours of my life... such a boring game!
- am in love with my new bath and body works soap. i want to wash my hands time and time again just to smell it! it's tangerine someting.
- i think that cash cow might be more addicting than bejeweled blitz. i should have never downloaded that app!
- i want to see despicable me so bad.
- needs to figure out a day when we can go to the drive in!
- am so over lebron.
- finally used the off clip ons. they were used in combination with like 5 citronella candles so i'm not sure if they worked.
- am already thinking about ben's halloween costume!


weekend in pictures 7.3.10

'twas a wonderful weekend. wish we could do it all over again!

friday: fireworks at uncle john's. it's a yearly tradition. can't remember how many... but it's been quite a few!

the cousins. so cute. i LOVE ben's expression. wish i knew what the lil stinker was thinking!

my sweeties.

ben enjoyed chalk for the first time. you should have seen his shoes!!

mommy and ben watching fireworks. he was such a champ! only startled and cried a few times with the loud booms. so proud of him!

and compare this one from last year....

k. back to the present.

lazy-ish day.

my dad came and helped us with our out of control garden.

ben likes scallions. he smelled like them all day long!

then it was a lazy afternoon. a few errands. some napping. and a visit to grandma and grandpa's pool.
ben wanted in as soon as we got there!

enjoying his new floaty toy.

then mommy and daddy enjoyed a late grilled dinner, campfire, liquor, and the neighbors fireworks!

i love fireworks. played around with my settings. sometimes i got too impatient and moved the camera before it was time.  yeah, i was too lazy to drag out the tripod. whatever. enjoy some of my favs. ;-)

and a reese's peanut butter cup smore. delicious. 


ben didn't mind the dry sand. it was the wet stuff he didn't like. we would trick him and sit him right on the edge and then the water would come up and he would be upset for like 2 seconds and then he would go back to playing.
he also went out into the lake a few times with us. he just looked like a tree frog desperately clinging to us! ;-)

nick found some friends to play a pick up game with.  was too windy to play more than a few times and the sand was ridiculously hot.

thank you hella tamron zoom lens. wish it was a bit less hazy and the picture of chicago would have been better. oh well. next time!


the fireworks set up. pretty freaking cool.

nick wants to take some home!

and a bit out of order... but ben did end up getting pretty dirty. it was serious!!

such a sweet face. sand and all. ;-)

 i already shared my favorite fireworks shots. here is one more.

another lazy day.

ben was super tired so he slept most of the day! nick and i managed to nab a babysitter and saw grown ups. which we loved and i mentioned in a previous post.
then we came home and grilled and watched some silent library.

was a perfect weekend. wish every weekend was like it. a perfect mix of go and no go!