minute to win it party in pictures

i had the rebel out for everyone to use and take pictures of the party... probably should have left out the point and shoot but i was looking for some quick shutter speed! ;-)

a few favs... out of the over 500 that were taken!!!

bob's 9 second golf ball feat.
love that whoever took the first picture forgot his head!

the cups hated me.
it's okay, i now know the trick.

quarter dropping was a bit messy.

candalier was way fun.

can't believe she stacked those apples!

bobblehead was painful. might have been my least favorite game!

nick and his crazy rubber band shooting skills. knocked all 6 cans over in 2 shots.

we need a better tape measure next year!

nut stacking. crazy steph has the bottom one turned another direction!

i am being a good friend and not sharing any of the crazy pictures. you know when we have panty hose on our heads and are trying to knock over water bottles. ;-P

and the scores at the end of the evening.... was a close one!

looking forward to next year!!!

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Kache said...

Very creative...did you have someone doing the overly dramatic play by plays :)