weekend in pictures 7.3.10

'twas a wonderful weekend. wish we could do it all over again!

friday: fireworks at uncle john's. it's a yearly tradition. can't remember how many... but it's been quite a few!

the cousins. so cute. i LOVE ben's expression. wish i knew what the lil stinker was thinking!

my sweeties.

ben enjoyed chalk for the first time. you should have seen his shoes!!

mommy and ben watching fireworks. he was such a champ! only startled and cried a few times with the loud booms. so proud of him!

and compare this one from last year....

k. back to the present.

lazy-ish day.

my dad came and helped us with our out of control garden.

ben likes scallions. he smelled like them all day long!

then it was a lazy afternoon. a few errands. some napping. and a visit to grandma and grandpa's pool.
ben wanted in as soon as we got there!

enjoying his new floaty toy.

then mommy and daddy enjoyed a late grilled dinner, campfire, liquor, and the neighbors fireworks!

i love fireworks. played around with my settings. sometimes i got too impatient and moved the camera before it was time.  yeah, i was too lazy to drag out the tripod. whatever. enjoy some of my favs. ;-)

and a reese's peanut butter cup smore. delicious. 


ben didn't mind the dry sand. it was the wet stuff he didn't like. we would trick him and sit him right on the edge and then the water would come up and he would be upset for like 2 seconds and then he would go back to playing.
he also went out into the lake a few times with us. he just looked like a tree frog desperately clinging to us! ;-)

nick found some friends to play a pick up game with.  was too windy to play more than a few times and the sand was ridiculously hot.

thank you hella tamron zoom lens. wish it was a bit less hazy and the picture of chicago would have been better. oh well. next time!


the fireworks set up. pretty freaking cool.

nick wants to take some home!

and a bit out of order... but ben did end up getting pretty dirty. it was serious!!

such a sweet face. sand and all. ;-)

 i already shared my favorite fireworks shots. here is one more.

another lazy day.

ben was super tired so he slept most of the day! nick and i managed to nab a babysitter and saw grown ups. which we loved and i mentioned in a previous post.
then we came home and grilled and watched some silent library.

was a perfect weekend. wish every weekend was like it. a perfect mix of go and no go!


Kache said...

I feel highly fireworks deprived after that post. I do like Ben's expressions in those pics.
And a pb cup smore sounds like a must have.

Margaret said...

love the sandy ben pic! So cute!