12 on the 12th july 2010 edition.

- the minute to win it party was a success. i had a blast! upcoming post on it later....
- thinking the minute to win it post might take the place of my weekend in pictures for this weekend.
- didn't go to my mailbox for two days. that is so unlike me.
- have taken my lunch to work the last few days. just am not feeling the uber unhealthy lunches. but the pb and j that i'm taking makes me feel like a little kid!
- watched the entire world cup final game. i feel like i wasted a few hours of my life... such a boring game!
- am in love with my new bath and body works soap. i want to wash my hands time and time again just to smell it! it's tangerine someting.
- i think that cash cow might be more addicting than bejeweled blitz. i should have never downloaded that app!
- i want to see despicable me so bad.
- needs to figure out a day when we can go to the drive in!
- am so over lebron.
- finally used the off clip ons. they were used in combination with like 5 citronella candles so i'm not sure if they worked.
- am already thinking about ben's halloween costume!


Kache said...

Is it my computer or are there no pics? :)

Margaret said...

we took owen to see despicable me last friday. it was really good. owen loved it too. we are so happy that owen can sit though a whole movie in the theatre. it's given us a new thing we can do as a family. and, i have really missed going to the movies since we had him. we used to go all the time.