going green.

nick and i have been taking baby steps in getting greener. i think i've posted about it here before. i can't remember!

we bought these awesome grocery bags about a year ago. LOVE them. get so many compliments on them when we are at the store. also have some foldable ones that i got at kohl's. just love that they fold up so neatly and they were on sale for $1!

bought these water bottles from costco. we have tried a zillion different types of water bottles. i love these because they have a carabiner. so nice to just snap onto ben's stroller and be off. 

found an old wonder bread sandwich holder {i have no clue where i got it from!} and had been using that at work for a few weeks. stumbled across these and decided to order them. yes, one of each color. a bit pricey. but oh so cute. totally worth it if we're going to be using them on a regular basis. so far so good. haven't put them in a cooler yet. so i'm not sure how well they seal but i can always throw them into a giant ziploc just in case.

also got the rubbermaid storage with easy find lids. nick has a tupperware phobia. i'm lucky he decided on these. was a toss up between these and resuable smaller snack size and sandwich bags {like these}. might still purchase some. we'll see how we do.

last thing on my list... super cute lunch bags for the two of us. ;-)
thinking a target trip is in my future!


Carrie said...

I like the reusable sandwhich bags, and have tupperware sandwhich keepers. Should really use those.

Have fun lunch bag shopping. They are the best price, and easiet to find, when the back to school sales are going on.

Kache said...

My bags are like your target ones, but without a logo :)

And just when I had my mind set on lunchskinz reusable bags, you show me reusable sandwich "holders". What to do...